Keto and Low Carb Success

Keto and Low Carb Success Course

June 22, 2023 Miriam Hatoum Season 2 Episode 55
Keto and Low Carb Success
Keto and Low Carb Success Course
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Episode #55 - Keto and Low Carb Success Course

I am so excited to share with you that my new course, Keto and Low Carb Success is opening up this coming Monday on June 26th.

In this episode find  the path to changing your (diet) life forever! Become educated, become motivated, become inspired!

4:29.      Module 1: What are Keto and Low Carb?
5:51.      Module 2: Preparing for Success
7:52.      Module 3: Carbohydrates - Not the enemy but not a best friend
9:26.      Module 4: Sugar and Baked Goods
10:27.   Module 5: Grains and Legumes
11:54.   Module 6: Fruit and Protein
12:39.   Module 7: Fats and Starchy Vegetables
13:40.   Module 8: Making it all work for you
15:14.   Module 9: It's not just what's on your plate
16:10    This Week's Actionable Coaching Advice
22: 13.   Episode 56 coming up.

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Episode #: 55 The Keto and Low Carb Success Course

You’re Listening to the Keto and Low Carb Success podcast, Episode # 55, the Keto and Low Carb Success Course.

 Did you know that you don't have to spend money on a diet program or weigh, measure and track your food? What if you could learn to have success by following an easy roadmap that takes you on adventures from learning how to change your mindset so that you can believe in yourself, to learning about what foods work best in your body and why? Join me, Miriam Hatoum, health coach, course creator and author of Conquer Cravings with Keto, as I give you actionable coaching advice that is sure to empower you so that you will finally find peace with food and learn to trust your body’s signals. You’ve got this, girl! 

And be sure to go to to get all the free guides to help you along the way. I am in your shoes, my friends, and I wrote these guides for both of us. The link is in the show notes and transcripts.

Oh, and before we start, I want to let you know that the primary purpose of this podcast and the course is to educate and does not constitute medical advice or service, and I’m keeping up with the science as fast as I can so I can share with you the latest breaking research in this area to help you achieve your dreams!

1:52Now on to today’s episode:

I am so excited to share with you that my new course, Keto and Low Carb Success is opening up this coming Monday on June 26th. 

o   I have special gifts and pricing for the Summer of 2023. 

o   These gifts are my signature book, the workbook that accompanies this course, two e-books, TWO months of access to my private email for any questions you have and… the best part… a free coaching call! 

o   I said I was excited, but actually I am beyond excited to share all of this with you at

o   When you sign up for the waitlist you will be entered to win a $50 coupon towards the purchase of the course. 

o   Hurry to do that because there are only a few days left between this broadcast and the drawing for the coupon, which I will do Sunday night.

·       I am taking a bit of a departure from my usual podcast format to tell you all about this course, that will transform you – both your way of eating and your weight and how you feel about yourself – faster and more completely than any other program you have been on.

·       Of course, you have to meet me halfway here, and do the reading and do, I’m sorry to say, the WORK, but it will be easier work than you are used to. Stick with this episode and you will see why.

I want to mention that this course has been reviewed by two doctors. One is board certified in Obesity Medicine, and the other is a functional doctor who specializes in Keto and Low Carb for her patients. Both highly praise this program and will offer it to their patients. This is in addition to having tested it and having incorporated all feedback and suggestions. I am offering you here the best of the best for finding your way with a Keto or Low Carb lifestyle.

I had so much to share in this course with you and I struggled a bit with the best way to present it to you so that you could find an immediate action you could take. Here is the course, and the journey that I thought would bring you the most success. 

4:29    Module 1 is “What are Keto and Low Carb?” This could easily have been the second or third module, but I wanted to give you a quick win. I figured most of you are taking the course because you want to jump right in and have a way to understand things immediately.

The four lessons in this module are: What is Keto? What are the bones of Keto? What is Low Carb? And Granny Keto Transitions Program. I give you all the guidelines and food lists right in this first module. 

o   You can jump right into Keto like I did or find the best way to be successful with Low Carb. But I am giving you the best thing, which could be a course in itself, and that is the Granny Keto Transitions Program. 

o   You can take the steps in the Granny Keto Transitions Program all the way to Keto with none of the nonsense, like the Keto flu, or you can land on any step and live it alone, such has finally having a way to get the sugar demon out of you, serving and eating gluten free for yourself or someone in your family, or perhaps finding creative ways to eat healthy fats and healthy protein.

5:51     Module 2 is “Preparing for Success.” This is the one I wanted to put first, but I also wanted you to be able to jump all in if you wanted to, so it won the second spot in the course instead of the first one. 

·       The four lessons in this module are: Understand and Use Your Hunger Scale, Keeping a Food Journal, War of the Grams and Progressing and Bridging. 

o   I have to tell you that this last lesson is exactly how I got my start in making my Keto travels into a business. The story is that I had a horrible sugar monkey on my back. 

o   I joined 2 or 3 different sugar-buster type programs, and none allowed artificial sweeteners. 

o   I really loved one of the programs (except for not being allowed sweeteners) and I wanted to train to be one of her coaches. 

o   She told me that I could not do that and, in fact, was not welcome in the program at all because I wanted to use artificial sweeteners. 

o   I also found that cutting out those sweeteners were the least of the issues. 

o   Not one single program ever talked about baked goods, grains and legumes, which I now know keep sugar cravings alive even if nary a sweetener – natural or artificial – passes your lips. 

o   Anyway, I do teach about artificial sweeteners later in the course, and my bottom line is that it is your decision.

o    I also encourage you to use them as bridges, not crutches. 

o   That means if a couple of Splenda in your morning coffee makes the difference between staying on, and loving, a program or throwing in the towel the first day or two, then I am all for the Splenda.

7:52    Module 3 is “Carbohydrates - Not the Enemy but not a best friend.”

·       The four lessons in this module are: SAD, Isn’t it, Carbs: Where are they hiding and how they add up, Understanding Insulin, Blood Sugar and Fat Storage, and Other Foods to Watch.

o   This course is all about transformation and success, so this module was also vying for top place as the first module. 

o   And this is another place where I veered from other programs: I felt that if you didn’t know the WHY for why you were being asked to do something, that following through would be more difficult. So I thought you needed to understand all about carbohydrates, and I trusted you would at least get to this module even if you were devoting the first few weeks to getting the programs in Module 1 under your belt.

o   The lesson on the Standard American Diet will explain why you may have been an overweight child or young adult and have been struggling ever since. No other lessons points out as well, the fact that you are not broken my friend. You have been raised to love sweets and bread, and all manner of processed and fast food.

9:26    Module 4 is Sugar and Baked Goods. 

·       The four lessons are: Why we want sugar, Sugar by any other name, Baked goods, and Adding back treats and slippery slope foods.

o   You will see that you are not broken, or stupid or lazy. You are, in fact, BRILLIANT! Your brain is working just the way it was designed to work. Evolution moves slowly my friends. If you weren’t designed to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, we, as a species, would have long gone the way of the dinosaurs.

o   You will also learn about something I call “concept cravings” and that although you do not have to cut out your favorite treats forever, you do have to approach things very carefully. As you get to know yourself better through this program, you will be very successful with this.

10:27   Module 5 is Grains and Legumes. Before I give you the titles of the lessons, I want to say that they are based on a choice to do Keto. For Low Carb, these things are not going to be eliminated at all, unless you choose to do so. What you will be doing is limiting these foods, and I suspect you will do that willingly once you understand them better.

·       The four lessons are: Grains Gotta Go!, Gluten Intolerance, Bean There, Done That, and Cooking for the Family with Grains and Legumes.

o   As I said above, if you understand the WHYS behind the WHATS then you will be a more willing participant in the program. Understand exactly what goes on in your body when you consume grains and legumes. Again, no need to cut them out, but don’t have your head in the sand.

o   Does your family want to eat all the breads, all the grains, all the beans and rice? No problem! I give you several websites that address grain-heavy cultural dishes, and also show you some of my own recipes, all available on my website and also in the Supplemental Workbook that I wrote for this course, and which is part of your package.

11: 54  Module 6: Fruit and Protein

·       The four lessons in this module are Fruit, Vitamins and Minerals, Protein, and Planning Protein. 

o   These are not your grandma’s peaches anymore! Learn about fruit and why sometimes turning to a fruit bowl is not always a better choice than reaching for that Snickers Bar. 

o   Also learn to add enough protein to whatever food plan you are following. As we get older we process protein less efficiently, and as such, it such an important building block for cells and muscles, you don’t want to skimp. 

12:39   Module 7: Fats and Starchy Vegetables

·       The four lessons in this module are All About Fats, Adding Fats Into Your Eating Plan, Starchy Vegetables, and Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load and also Resistant Starches.

o   We all grew up in a fat-phobic era. These modules will get you eating healthy fats with no fear at all. Fat is essential and we have been duped for years with the “Diet-Heart Hypothesis.” Saturated fats have even been removed from the US dietary guidelines as a food to avoid.

o   Although we don’t use Glycemic Index or Glycemic Load with Keto and Low Carb I am putting that lesson in this module because you for sure have come across the terms in your diet travels, and it’s important to be knowledgeable about them.

13:40  Module 8: Making it All Work for You

·       The four lessons in this module are the Good-Better-Best Method and Protocols, Thinking Outside the Box, Home Base and Course Correcting, and Setting Goals.

o   I have podcast episodes on all of these and if you have been listening for a while you know why I entitled the module “Making it All Work for You.” All the diet plans or eating styles in the world will mean nothing if they are only food lists and cautionary tales.

o   At a party? Either a fun one or a self-imposed pity party and you are derailed? Learn to make your next best decision. 

o   Tired of the same-old/same-old? Ever think of a caprese salad or charcuterie board for breakfast? Learn to think outside the box!

o   Learn to course correct and set up a safe home base that you can always return to. The lesson is not to slash the other three tires when you find that one is flat.

o   And what about setting goals? This is a nice, long lesson with everything you need to know to finally succeed with some measurable, compatible, and achievable goals. If you have been following me on Instagram you will have seen some of the lesson there.

15:14   Module 9: It’s Not Just What Is On Your Plate.

·       The four lessons in this module are Urges and Cravings, Slow Down! (which includes mindfulness), Stop that Negative Self-Talk, and Feeling Your Best.

o   I can’t think of a better word than “metamorphosis” to describe the results you will get with this module, and also Module 8. 

o   You can tell just from the titles of the lessons, that these address you as a whole, living being, not just someone trying a new diet. 

o   I swear, you will feel renewed once you work through these last two modules because they take the thoughtful and feeling parts of you and layer them on top of the now-educated and informed person who wants to try a new eating style.


Go to

You finally have at your fingertips a program that not only delivers information on three eating programs (Keto, Low Carb, and Granny Keto Transitions Program) but fully supports you with information you need to know about WHY you are being encouraged to eat this way, with modules on Sugar and Baked Goods, Grains and Legumes, Fruit and Protein, and Fat and Starchy Vegetables.

This transformative program gives you a success path with the keys to get out of your diet prison such as learning to use your hunger scale, why food journals are important – but not required(!), and how to use foods as bridges, not crutches.

Have you wondered why you have struggled for years with other diets – with diet-approved snack bars and shakes, snack foods, pre-measured cereals and sugar-free foods? Learn all about the effect that carbohydrates have on your weight-loss efforts, and why no amount of exercise will flatten a round belly. Gain the insight that you are not broken or stupid or lazy when it comes to losing weight – a phenomenon that defies any explanation because you are so successful in other areas of your life. It is the insulin, my friends. Learn all about that, once and for all. You don’t have to cut out carbohydrates but at least learn where they are hiding and how they add up and what that has to do with hunger hormones.

And what have all the programs been missing that has made you feel like the failure instead of seeing the shortcomings of these programs for what they are? They have been missing the element of YOU and the fact that you are fully capable of orchestrating your own transformation. You don’t need superhuman ability or divine intervention. You just have to learn to sit with those urges you have at night. You have to learn to make goals that make sense. You need to understand what it means to course correct and set up a safe homebase. You need to learn to leave the Land of Perfection – which doesn’t exist anyway – and enter the Land of Good Enough with your next-best decisions and protocols. 

You are a smart and intelligent woman, and you deserve to be treated as such with all the information, education and encouragement you have been long entitled to. Find that in the Keto and Low Carb Success course I am opening on Monday, June 26th.  Listen, I have been dieting since pre-teen years. I have gained and lost and gained hundreds of pounds. I always felt it was my failure, never the failure of the diet industry – which it is. 

Keto and Low Carb success is not a diet and is not part of the diet industry, that’s why it is a winner. It shows you different eating plans to choose from, teaches you all about the elements of everything that goes in your mouth – from fat to fruit, from protein to bread, from sugar to beans. It teaches you how to make good decisions and BEGS you not to foolishly look for perfection. There are no good foods or bad foods. Just foods that get you to your goal or move you further away from it. It shows you how to pay attention to what is going on in your body and mind and heart. It’s the whole enchilada as the saying goes. Aren’t you worth a whole enchilada? 

This course guides you to find the spirit of your eating plan, I do not drill down on rules. Each module will get you to where you want to go. Even if you are not interested I either Keto or Low Carb, this course is so packed with information, it will change your eating choices and transform you in a way no other eating program ever has. It is built on my three pillars: Education, Practical Applications and Mindfulness Practices. 

And remember, if you join the waitlist – absolutely NO obligation to purchase – you will be entered to win a $50 coupon toward the purchase of this course. 

Now, let me remind you. If you’ve ever got a question you’d like to ask me or share a topic idea that you would like me to cover on a future episode, don’t be a stranger! I always look forward to hearing from listeners like you. You are welcome to email me directly… And don’t forget to leave a review wherever you listen to this podcast. I would SO appreciate it. Leaving a review makes it easier for other people who are looking to listen and learn about Keto and Low Carb.

22:13   Coming up in the next Episode

In next week’s episode I will investigate Food Freedom. It goes hand-in-hand with last week’s gentle nutrition and refers to rejecting dieting culture and restrictive diets and giving yourself permission to enjoy most foods in moderation. That moderation piece is very elusive, and I will also talk about that and how cutting out certain foods altogether might be the path you need to take to find your food freedom and how Keto and Low Carb plays an important role in that. I will talk about what you can do to build a positive and judgment-free relationship with the foods you do eat.

So go share the show with your friends, let them know what’s coming up in the next episode, and invite them to tune in with you and learn how to become free from diet prison with my Keto and Low Carb Success podcast. As I mentioned last week, please really do share this particular episode with anyone you know who is struggling with their weight or eating plan. This course is a game changer, it really is. It will help so many people transform their lives – not just with food but with how they feel about themselves, how they approach the food they eat, and how they make decisions about any area of their lives. 

Until then, go live free from diet worry — I’ll see you back here next time.

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