Keto and Low Carb Success

When a Chip is Just a Chip

July 03, 2023 Miriam Hatoum Season 3 Episode 57
Keto and Low Carb Success
When a Chip is Just a Chip
Show Notes

Episode #57: When a Chip is Just a Chip:

There is so much dogma in the various camps about the right way or wrong way to do Keto, that it is enough to make a person’s head spin — even for someone who has followed Keto for quite some time.  I call this DOGMANTICS.  This episode will help you sort through all the different viewpoints on how to do Keto and Low Carb so that you can find something that is comfortable for yourself.  The episode also takes you along with me for my trip to Italy where I discovered that sometimes a chip is just a chip, and sometimes a gelato is just a gelato.

4:19.        Dogmantics
8:13.        A Paradigm Shift within a paradigm shift
11:59.     When a chip is just a chip
16:10.     Boxes and Boundaries
16:58.    Pandora's Box
20:50.    What kind of boxes should you use?
20:24.    Fuzzy Boundaries
26:36.    What this has meant to me
28:44.     This week's Actionable Coaching Advice
32:15.     Coming up next week

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